Real Estate Marketing in the Search Engines

 As part of a balanced online real estate marketing effort, getting to the top of the search engines for the most dominant keywords in your market will bring a consistent flood of leads and business. Your SEO efforts will help you get the top rankings, but marketing means you will get business from those top results. So, how do you combine your real estate marketing efforts with your SEO efforts?Let’s focus on how to make sure we get business from those hard earned rankings:

Page Titles – Your page titles are the biggest real estate that you can have some control over in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Only 65-67 characters are able to be displayed to the user and that has to give them the confidence to click on your website over the 9%2B others on the page. Making your page titles stand out takes a little bit of effort and when combined with your SEO work will have tremendous results. To get the clicks and leads page titles should:

Call to Action – Give the user a reason to click on your website over all of the others. Put a call to action in your page title (like “Free MLS Search”) and your click count will certainly go up.
Keywords – Your targeted keyword should be as close to the beginning of your page title as possible. To ensure a user stays on your site when they click, make sure this keyword is also the focus of the page as well.  

Meta Description – Meta descriptions won’t help much in your rankings, but they can help quite a bit for your marketing efforts. If the search engine can’t get enough content from your page it will often read your meta description text and display that in the snippet below your page title.   Getting results from your meta description means focusing again on providing a call to action and a sentence or two that gives the user a reason to visit your site. Avoid any text that speaks about you and focus on the benefits they user would have when they click on your link.

Website Address (Domain Name) – Your web address is displayed with each and every result. Having a marketing focused web address can improve the click rate on your results by more than 10%! There are many rules you can abide by when choosing a website address, but here are just a couple that will help you to start seeing some results:

a.Avoid your name – Your name won’t say much to the user because you are a stranger at that point. Try having a website address that focuses on the areas that you serve. When the visitor sees the area in your website address they will have the confidence to click because they are looking for home information, not about you.
b.Length of Website Address – Some cities have long names and it’s hard to have a short website address, but try! A maximum of 3-4 words will allow for easy reading in the SERPs and increase your click rate.    

Marketing your real estate business in the search engines is much more than just SEO work. Concentrating on the small details will help you to get leads and generate closings from your search engine rankings each and every month.

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Whole, Universal, And Term Life Insurance: What’s The Difference? What Do I Need?

Term life insurance is extremely popular. If looking for insurance, do you understand the top features of term life insurance or the way it is different from other kinds of insurance? Continue reading for info.What’s Term Life Insurance Used For?
People usually delay buying life insurance simply because they believe it is more than their budget can handle, plus they often overestimate just how much it’ll cost you. However, term life insurance is definitely an inexpensive method of getting the policy that you’ll require.You might have heard term insurance known as short-term insurance coverage. It is because term life insurance policy offers coverage for a certain time period, or a specified “term” of years. If you were to die in the period specified by your policy, then a death benefit will likely be paid out.But what can term life be utilized for?
Term life insurance can be used as a variety of objectives. A few common ways to use term life insurance may include:
To replace your earnings if you were to die suddenly

Help your loved ones cover one last expenses as well as hospital bills

Leave your family with sufficient money to pay off financial obligations like a mortgage

Ensure your kids are left along with money to help pay for school

Provide needed coverage for a small child according to the divorce settlement

Can be utilized by businesses for key person insurance policy or buy/sell contracts

Whole vs. Universal: Creating a Permanent Choice
Whole life as well as universal insurance are both regarded as permanent policies. Which means they are created to last your whole life and does not expire after a certain time period so long as required premiums are paid. Both of them have the possibility to build up cash value with time that you might have the ability to borrow against tax-free, unconditionally. Due to this feature, premiums might be greater than term insurance.Universal Insurance Benefits
Universal Insurance can give you many different payment choices, such as a flexibility of changing your death advantages, along with the potential to build up cash value with time. Here is how:• Since there’s a cash value element, you might be able to skip premium payments so long as the cash value is sufficient to cover your needed expenses for your month• Some policies might permit you to decrease or increase the death advantage of match your particular circumstances**• In most cases you might borrow against the cash value that could have accumulated in the policy• The interest you will probably have gained with time accumulates tax-deferredWhole Insurance Benefits
Whole life policies provide you with a fixed level premium that will not increase, the potential to accumulate cash value with time, along with a fixed death advantage for the life of the insurance policy. Additionally:• Any cash benefit growth is tax-deferred• Whole life may permit you to make withdrawals as well as loans against the policy• Whole life provides the ease of budgeting for any regular as well as consistent premium payment each monthUnderstanding Important Differences
The flexibleness that the universal life policy offers is a key differentiator over whole life. Because of this, universal life insurance premiums are usually lower during periods of high rates of interest than whole insurance premiums, often for the similar amount of coverage.An additional key difference would be how the interest rates are paid. As the interest paid on universal life insurance is usually modified monthly, curiosity on a whole life insurance policy is usually adjusted yearly. This might mean that during periods of rising interest rates, universal insurance policy cases could see their cash values increase at a rapid rate than others in whole insurance policies.Many people may prefer the set death advantage, level premiums, and also the potential for development of a whole life policy. However, for individuals who would rather have more flexibility as well as choices with regards to their permanent insurance, then universal life may be the better option.Choosing The Best Policy for You
Despite the fact that whole and universal life policies have their own special features as well as benefits, both of them focus on supplying your family along with the money they will need whenever you die. By working with a professional insurance agent or company consultant, you’ll the policy which best meets your individual requirements, budget, as well as financial targets.

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Understanding Photography As a Form of Contemporary Art

Canvas photograph printing is fast emerging as a new contemporary art form and is helping photographers create a niche for themselves as more and more art galleries and museums are showing interesting in displaying their exquisite works.Since the time the technology of clicking pictures was first invented, photography has undergone tremendous changes both technically as well as artistically. In the modern times the concept of printing photographs onto a canvas has enabled it to be recognized as a contemporary art form. The professionalism of modern day photographers is also helping in the rapid growth and acceptance of this artistic form of photography, globally.Photography, in its modern art form is a means of blending traditional art with modern technology to create images that most art galleries and museums feel proud to exhibit as part of their collections. The details and definition of the images that are created by a photographer practicing this art are truly unparallel and correctly represent the ideologies of the present day and age.Even though the art of transferring digital images onto canvas seems to be rather complex, in truth it is quite a simple process. Any professional digital photographer can use any high-quality image, whether it is that of a landscape, an object or even an individual to be easily put down on a good quality canvas in a choice of variations including full rich color print, a classic black and white print or even a mixture of both.However, there are some people who object to considering canvas photography printing as a contemporary art form. Such people are generally doubtful about the durability, permanence, and even the legitimacy of canvas photography. But this should not come as a surprise for photographers who practice this art as most new and innovative art forms are always received with constant disapproval.Most of the concerns regarding canvas photograph printing are no more than wild speculation. The durability of canvas prints is definitely much more than regular artwork because they are not as prone to damage or smudging besides which they definitely provide a longer than any normal canvas paintings.

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Learn Digital Photography – How to Shoot Photos to Sell As Art

Have you ever wandered into a gallery shop or an art gallery and seen beautiful photographs that are sold as art. Not only are they beautiful but they are also for sale, which means that if you are talented enough you can do the same. You don’t need to be an artist but you do need the eye of an artist with the ability to create a great image.So the bottom line here is that you need to have the ability to compose a great image. Now by following a few basic principles while using your creativity you will be able to do this by following a few simple steps. Of course you would still need to practise, experiment and learn to find your niche, but, it is still possible to create art for sale.1. Simplicity is keyEvery photograph needs a point of focus that catches the eye and leads it into the image. By keeping the image simple and focusing on a key focal point you will achieve good results. Too much in an image confuses the eye and makes it very busy and cluttered. By knowing what to exclude you will emphasise what needs to be included. Remember the KISS principle – keep it simple silly!2. BalanceA good art image should be balanced. Remember to look at the rule of thirds. This occurs by looking at your shapes and the forms that are in the image and placing them carefully so that the image is pleasing to the eye. Symmetrically balanced images have the subject in the middle equally balanced on either side of a central line.3. The rule of thirdsThe rule of thirds says that nothing should be centred in a photo but rather off centred at an the intersection of thirds. Imagine a tic tac toe or noughts and crosses grid superimposed over your image. Where these lines intersect is where you will place your subject or the focal point of the image. Horizons should be placed along the horizontal lines of the grid and strong vertical subjects along one of the verticals.4. Use linesBy focusing on diagonal, vertical, horizontal or converging lines you allow the eye of the viewer to be drawn into the image along one of these lines. Diagonals are especially striking and can be created from any straight line by tilting your camera at forty five degrees. Any line that ends at your focal point will automatically draw the eye into the image along this line to the subject or focal point.5. Positive and negative spacePositive space is the space occupied by the subject or object in the image. While on the other hand, negative space is all the space in between and around the subject like the sky and background. This can be used to good advantage when taking photos. A lot of positive space i.e. the space occupied by the subject causes the subject to be emphasised. A lot of negative space and the subject needs to be carefully placed and is emphasised in a different way. A tip here is that when there is a lot of negative space and the subject is a person, the space should always be in front of them and their eyes looking towards it.By adding these simple keys to your art images you will be guaranteed of images that are great. Whether they sell is another story as there is another element to a great art image. The nature of the subject. You can’t just choose anything as a subject. It’s a matter of trial and error as to what will sell. Good subjects always sell. Once you become well known it becomes easier. Happy shooting!

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History of Spices

Spices are the food seasonings that come from the different parts of a plant like the buds, the bark, the fruits, the flowers, the roots, the seeds, and the stems. These spices have played a very important part in the development of the Western civilization. In ancient and medieval times, Spices were rare and precious. To look at the history of spices is to look at the history of civilization as we know it.Today, spices play a major role in any cooking endeavor – they are used for their fragrance, their flavor and their taste. They also have a number of medicinal properties.The first recorded documentation of the use of spices as medicines is found amongst the documents of the ancient Sumerians. This was over five thousand years ago. Over four thousand years ago, we have records that the Chinese also used over 300 different herbs and spices for medicinal reasons. Over three thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians used spices for a variety of purposes, including embalming mummies.The Greeks and the Romans have also used spices for a variety of reasons. The Greeks used laurel leaves in the form of a wreath worn on the head to honor their heroes. The Romans used herbs for magic and sorcery.From the middle ages onwards, herbs began to be cultivated even in the western parts of the world. But prior to that, trade was the only means of obtaining these spices. Hence these spices were often considered to be very precious and were quite valuable as trade goods.From around 3000 BC to 200 BC, the Arabs were the prime traders of spices in the western world. The Romans took over the trade and were controlling it till about 1200. From 1200 to 1500, the Europeans explored different routes to the Eastern parts of the globe and began to take over the spice trade. The period between the 15th to the 17th centuries even saw wars break out for the control of the spice trade.The period between the 16th to the 18th century saw the English explore and control the spice trade. After this period, the Americans also entered into the spice trading community.Thus, one can see that the history of spice has always been a history of control, of power and of wealth. Spice has proved to be the number one commodity of trade that has made a lot of difference in the lives of many people – especially in the way we eat food – simply because it just tastes better with a little bit of spice!

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