Does a Tax Extension Increase Your Chances of an Audit?

When someone says the words “tax extension” to you, do you automatically think “audit?”Maybe it’s time to think again. No one outside the IRS knows for sure how the audit system really works (our money is on trained hamsters), but many CPAs believe that tax extensions actually decrease your chances of getting an audit.Why, you ask? Many believe IRS officers have an audit quota, and they start on it around tax time. Many accountants hypothesize that the quotas get filled well before the tax extension deadline of October 15 (September 15 for business taxes), and IRS agents have less incentive to put returns in the audit pile.There is some discussion as to whether or not this is true, but filing a tax extension certainly won’t single you out for unfavorable treatment. Over 10 million (out of 140 million) taxpayers filed tax extensions last year. Half of all US corporations did, too.Does the IRS Hate My Tax Extension?It’s commonly believed that the IRS typically frowns on audits, and is less likely to treat extended returns favorably. If that were the case, however, why would they offer an automatic six-month extension to anyone who files for it, no questions asked? Besides, by filing for an extension you are actually demonstrating compliance with IRS regulations. Think of all the people who just file late, without notifying the IRS at all!In addition, it’s pretty likely that IRS agents, just like you and your accountant, wouldn’t mind fewer tax returns in March and April. Both accountants and agents get overwhelmed during tax season, and the chance of human error (which can trigger an audit) goes way up. There’s no reason not to give everyone a bit of a break and file for a tax extension this year.

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Martial Arts Book Review: Zen Combat by Jay Gluck

Being the author of several books on the martial arts and fighting, I am always looking for books of exceptional quality to add to my library. If I have a book in my library, it’s definitely worth owning. One such book is Jay Gluck’s, “Zen Combat.”This is a very well written book and one that I don’t believe is in print anymore. The copy I have I ended up finding in an old book store several years ago. This book gives you some outstanding information on the history of primarily the Japanese martial arts and their philosophy.1. The Bull Story; Masutatsu “Mas” Oyama and Kyokushin-kai Karate:This section covers a lot of, although brief, biography of Masutatsu “Mas” Oyama and how he came to learn the art of Karate. Included in this biography are stories about his training style or technique, his first U.S. tour in the early 1950′s, which was also the first time that the art of Karate had been demonstrated in the U.S. There is also a story about how Mas and the author visited with another famous Karate master, Gogen “Cat” Yamaguchi.This section of the book concludes with some basic information from Mas on training techniques and methods, etiquette and principles of karate, descriptions on various punches, blocks and kicks, kata or forms with Heian or Pinan Nidan being described and illustrated. There is also a very good section on belt rank and the importance of it.Of particular note, there is a terrific section on how to form a proper Shuto or knifehand strike, and on how to condition your hands for delivering powerful blows.2. Why the Zen of Zen Combat; Martial Arts Philosophy:This section is primarily devoted to the early history of the martial arts and their philosophy, and how Zen compliments them. This is really a very good although brief section on the history of martial arts.3. Kendo; The Way of the Sword:In this section, the author talks briefly about Miyamoto Musashi who was Japan’s greatest samurai swordsman. In addition to Musashi, he also talks about the art of Kendo and the samurai sword, and the basic techniques that are used when yielding a samurai sword. These techniques include; the proper grip, en-garde, touché, and the I-ai or “quick draw.”The rest of this particular section is devoted to various weapons used by the samurai such as; the naginata, bo staff, spears, etc.4. Kyudo; The Way of Archery:This section starts out with a brief history of the bow in Japanese history and then quickly dives right in to how Zen became incorporated with Japanese archery and why it is still practiced that way even today.The author gives a very detailed explanation on the equipment, ritual, and techniques associated with Japanese archery. This is a very thorough and well presented, yet basic, analysis of this very impressive art form.5. Dancing; Dervishes of Strength:We begin this section with a trip to Iran and its traditional dance at their House of Strength. This was very informative and was totally new to me, although the ideas expressed weren’t. The author also discusses the importance of dance and music to the martial arts if one truly wants to master them.There is a terrific section included here that deals with how to breath and training your body through the use of certain breathing techniques. It also has a section devoted to the purifying of the body through the use of “cold training.” This section finishes with a brief history on the art of ninjitsu.6. Aiki; Luke: 4-28:This is perhaps the best section in this book and covers the art of Aikido and its master, Morihei Ueshiba. This section is quite detailed and recounts several exploits of the Aikido master. It also briefly explains some of the techniques and principles associated with this amazing art form.This book was originally written and printed back in the early 1960′s, and therefore I don’t know if it is still available or not. You may have to get on the internet, or search your local used book stores to find it, but if you do, definitely pick it up. You won’t regret it.

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Health Care: Part 2 – Where To Now?

I am anxious to begin covering what I see as, the future of health care in more detail. I see three options. One of the options is terrible, one is only slightly better and the third is ideal for everyone and should be the guide for all of us going forward. In part one I pointed out this mess started over fifty years ago but erupted with Obamacare. Everyone should realize that health care was only the tool used by devious politicians to gain unprecedented power over their dominions (us) so they can perpetuate their control. All around the world countries and their populations are controlled by despot leaders who are power hungry, while the people starve and live in squalor. This is the United States of America and we will not let this happen here. Thanks to President Obama and the democrat, liberal, communist politicians in Washington DC we are very close to letting them win, therefore it is totally up to us to keep it from happening.For over fifty years, liberal politicians have been claiming they wanted to help the poor, or course they wanted to do it with our dollars. Because Americans were asleep in the voting booth, the liberals won the sentiment battle with the help of a complicit news media. So, year after year the liberals have advocated helping more and more people and always buying their votes with our money. Until President Obama came along their pleas were rejected by the Republicans, but with each rejection these liberals gained more and more power through concessions from the weak-kneed victors, usually the Republicans. The Republicans never saw it coming until finally they had given up so much power by being “nice guys” the liberal democrats won both houses of congress and the presidency in November, 2008. They could get any legislation passed and signed they desired and this is why we have the mess today that threatens what freedoms we have left. Of course, their takeover was made so much easier because the corrupt news media was never going to print or broadcast anything derogatory about their regime.Thankfully a whole bunch of “tea party” republicans got the message from the voters and were swept into office. The message from the voters they carried back to DC was, “we want our country back, no more big government, no more bloated laws and more financial responsibility”. These newly elected politicians seem very willing to do exactly what we want, but standing in their way are the remaining liberal democrats and republicans who have been in DC too long. These are the same republican wizards of stupidity who allowed the liberal democrats to play them like a cheap fiddle for the last forty or fifty years. Until we the citizens, assume the responsibility of either changing the minds of these politicians or un-electing them, we will have difficulty correcting this mess. Now that we all know where we are, I would like to begin explaining the three options before us. The first option is to allow Obamacare to continue its evasive assault on our freedoms as well as our economy. This of course is the worst possible option and I will be saying more about this government run health care option in the next article, “Health Care: Part 3 Where To Now?”Please feel free to share this article with your friends, neighbors, and workmates. Spreading the word and learning more about health care is critical to making the right choices, and it is totally up to us to get it done. Do not get discouraged just because the news media favors communism, or that thirty percent of our population cannot see the truth because they are too busy with their hands out and living off our sweat and toil. They are simply a vocal minority, dangerous, but still a minority. Perhaps someday we can raise enough money to give these people a free trip to Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Libya or some place that is more suited to their twisted thinking life style. It is fun to dream, isn’t it?

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